Centre to close at 94 Dunlop St W.


Well, we knew it would happen at some point, but the time has now come for Jampa Ling to move out of our current location. 


Some of you are aware that this past weekend a water pipe burst somewhere in the building above the Centre.


Luckily a number of people pitched in to help, and the entire flood was dealt with in a couple of hours.


While the recent flood was an unpleasant surprise, it’s not unprecedented; we’ve had moisture problems for a while and we’ve known that our time in this location was coming to an end.


As a team, we’ve been looking for a place to move to without too much success yet, but we’re hopeful that a good location will present itself soon.


We’re planning to move the classes normally held at the Centre to another location (e.g. rented space) while we continue to scout out a permanent spot.


Effective immediately, there will be no classes or events at 94 Dunlop St W.


We will keep you informed as our plans unfold.


Thank you for your ongoing support and involvement.


The team at Jampa Ling.