Giving Comfort and Joy

Saturday, Dec 4, 10:00 am  – 12 noon

with Gen Kelsang Suma

Cost: $15 (free for members)


The phrase “comfort and joy” slips easily off the tongue at this time of year. But we know that material conveniences and the pleasures of a delicious meal are not enough. Deep down, we all long for a more authentic experience of comfort and joy – a mind free from restlessness, discontent and problems, a mind at peace with itself, others and the wider world. 

There is an ancient and much-beloved meditation practice that combines loving-kindness – the deep wish to give happiness to another – with compassion, the active wish to remove their suffering and problems. Called ‘Taking and Giving’ (Tibetan, ‘tonglen ’), it is a beautiful way of using our imagination to increase our love and compassion. Join us and learn to mentally bestow the gift of joy upon everyone you know or think about, and to envision lifting away every trace of seasonal loneliness, disappointment or other pain they may be experiencing. 

We know from our own experience that we can never derive pure peace and happiness from material things. 

Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

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