January 11, 2017 @ 10:00 am – 11:30 am
Jampa Ling Kadampa Buddhist Centre

How to Transform Your Life

with Gen Kelsang Suma

In this series of drop-in meditation classes we are exploring the book How to Transform Your Life – A Blissful Journey, where author Geshe Kelsang Gyatso demonstrates clearly that the only reliable way to reduce our problems and increase our happiness is to change our mental attitudes. He offers practical wisdom and describes specific methods taught by Buddha to help us start reviewing our priorities, developing a more open mind and, finally, cultivating the happy, meaningful life we long for.  Everyone is welcome.

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Q. Do I need experience in meditation or Buddhism to attend the classes?

No. The meditation classes we offer are suitable for all individuals, whatever their level of engagement – be it a simple wish to experience relaxation and stress relief through meditation, an interest in learning more about Buddha’s teachings, or a desire to follow the Buddhist way of life. Everyone is welcome!

Q. I’ve never been to a Buddhist Centre before. What should I expect?

Attending classes at the Centre is very simple and easy. You do not need to bring any mats or wear any special clothing. Both chairs and cushions are available, so you can sit wherever you’re most comfortable. There is no physical exercise, yoga, or stretching involved. When entering the meditation room, it is traditional to take off our shoes and hats. Also, we normally stand up when the Teacher enters, out of respect for Buddha’s teachings.

Q. What is a typical class like?

A typical class begins with a simple relaxation meditation, which is followed by a practical teaching on some aspect of Buddhist thought. We then do a meditation based on the teaching, leaving some time for questions and answers. The meditations are guided and are suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners.

Q: I’ve been coming to classes for a while and I find I’m really drawn to the teachings. Is there something further that I might try?

For those students who want to expand their understanding and experience of Buddhism, we offer the Foundation Program (FP). These classes provide an opportunity deepen our familiarity with Buddhist teachings through the systematic study of one (or more) of the six core texts offered within the FP curriculum.