June 5, 2020 – June 9, 2020 all-day
Kadampa Meditation Centre Canada
631 Crawford St

Dispelling the Darkness of Your Mind: blessing empowerment of Buddha Manjushri


with Gen-la Kelsang Dekyong


Open to everyone, the Canadian National Festival is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a spiritual break with like-minded people from around Canada. During this special Festival, Gen-la Dekyong, will grant the blessing empowerment of Buddha Manjushri and give commentary to this wisdom advice from Venerable Geshe-la’s heart:

The things that I normally see in dreams do not exist.
This proves that the things that I normally see while awake do not exist,
Since both of these things are equally mistaken appearance.
I will never grasp at the things that I normally see,
But just be satisfied with their mere name.
By doing this I will liberate myself permanently
From the sufferings of this life and countless future lives.
I this way I will be able
To benefit each and every living being every day.

When wisdom is in our hearts, our mind is very clear, confident, and free from disturbing thoughts. Wisdom gives us clarity and insight and, like an inner spiritual guide, helps us to act thoughtfully, skillfully, and meaningfully in daily life. Since all our negative minds are based upon the opposite of wisdom – confusion – everyone needs to develop wisdom.

This wisdom, called “Emptiness”, is the profound realization that everything in our world exists as a mere appearance to our mind, like a dream. Through “waking up” to this truth, we will discover that the world is not as real as it appears, and this sacred knowledge of emptiness will liberate us from suffering permanently.