A Hundred Thousand Buddhas: creating sacred images together

Saturday, July 16 , 10:00 am – 11:15 am

with Sarah Leonard

 Cost: $5 (free for members); participants must register and are limited to 7 people


A fun and meaningful spiritual project giving interested Sangha members the space to create 100,000 sacred images. As each image is produced, we imagine that a new living Buddha manifests in our world.

As Venerable Geshe-la has written in New Guide to Dakini Land,

“With one mould we can produce many statues or stupas at the same time, so it will not take very long to make a hundred thousand. The statues or stupas can be either large or small. Even making one statue or stupa with faith creates the cause for us to become a living Buddha in the future.” 

In keeping with these words, practitioners will be able to choose between using pre-made stamps of Buddha Shakyamuni’s image, and carving out their own lino-block images of a stupa, which is a representation of Buddha’s mind.

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